Hera marks the beginning of Rūta Venus journey. Written and recorded more than a decade ago, using home equipment, and an old violin, in the heat of Tel-Aviv, Hera was initially intended for theatre. However, it has never reached its audience, until now. Hera’s soundtrack represents Rūta’s personality – influenced by variety of cultures across Europe and Asia, Rūta draws a musical line of her own, lead my strong melody and tapping into strong emotional reflections.

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Violin Ritzos contains works by Rūta Venus, stretching over a decade. The four music tracks all had an unfortunate luck – for one or another reason they were never used as intended. And for years, they were quietly sitting in Rūta’s music folders. However, now came the time for them to see the daylight! Hera, initially written for theatre in the heat of Tel-Aviv, is exotic and flirty. Violin Ritzos is a very personal composition written in Stockholm. It is merging folk and contemporary music interests: the story starts in a room, silence, gentle taps representing four corners of the space; in this silence Rūta’s true personality starts emerging, layered, wild and naturalistic. O Mirum is a meditation, initially written for a special project for people living with cancer in Vilnius. It starts with drops of piano notes, and gradually expands into ocean of sound, full of joy and positivity. The last track, Stone&Flora, is a collaboration with Swedish violinist Katt Hernandez, – it’s a wild dance of two violins, complex, dynamic and unpredictable.

Violin Ritzos is out on November 20th, 2020. Pre-save it here!



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Violin Ritzos album is out!

Credits: cover artwork @hellovalentina mastered by Gary McFarlane mixed by Max Rzepka Special thanks to Matthew Whiteside for mentoring.

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